Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Child Care Services

Available Spaces

Please click the links below to see all of our spaces currently available! Availability is based on government  mandated ratios for approved programs, as well as other factors. This information will be updated to keep it as current as possible. Spaces will be considered available until enrollment paperwork is completed, and enrollment fees are paid.  Please click on the chosen location  to see more about  our  approved family day home options!

Thank you for considering a Little Bear Dayhome Agency approved childcare educator for your early learning and childcare needs!

One space available in September 2022 for a child 3 years or older

Limited space for before school care only, with transportation to and from most west side schools, depending on bell times (Gr 1 and up)

One space available for a child 3 years (by August/22) or older

Spaces available to start September, 2022

Rural - One space for a child 3 years or older, one school age space available for July and August only 

Please contact the office as available spaces can change quickly and often educators are able to accommodate part time hours if it works within their schedules and ratios.  Thank you!