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Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Child Care Services

We are always looking to grow our team of 
Early Childhood Educators!

We need educators in West, South and North Lethbridge
as well as surrounding communities. Rural Families are inquiring about care and we would love to help them find the child care they need! 

Who We Are ...

Little Bear Dayhome Agency is an Accredited agency who has contracted with the Government of Alberta Child and Family Services to provide family day home services to Lethbridge and the surrounding communities.  We are an inclusive program (open to children of all abilities) and strive to offer support for our educators and quality care for our enrolled children.

The agency locates and enrols all the children, however, the educator can choose to not provide service for a specific person, and has the option of locating their own clients as well.  All children in your day home must be enrolled through Little Bear. Subsidy is available for parents who qualify. We offer references as well.

What We Look For ... 

We are looking for educators who are educated, caring, love children, dedicated, fun, outgoing, punctual, patient, accountable and responsible. Family Dayhome Educators are warm, nurturing, and offer a positive home environment where children can learn and thrive.

Some Of The MANY Things We Offer ...

  •        Early childhood Education Trained Support Staff available
  •        2 Pay Days Per Month (1st& 15th)
  •        Infant Incentive paid to the educator ($150 for a child under 19 months)
  •        Paid Vacation Days (Dec 24- Jan 1)
  •        Back Up care in other agency homes (when available due to space and ratio)
  •        Early Childhood Educator Sub for Back Up Care In and Out of Home
  •        Regular Support Visits
  •        Ages and Stages Questionnaire®, ASQ-3™ and SE™ Regional Trainer on Staff
  •        Attentive dedicated support staff that will help you reach your fullest potential
  •        Flexible office hours to accommodate families and educators
  •        Provide all forms and paperwork needed to operate day home
  •        Professional Development Opportunities (ECE Conference +  workshops)
  •        Training / Mentoring with day home educator/ agency staff member available
  •        Training on Ministry Standards, Accreditation Standards, Agency Standards
  •        Open door policy for parents and educators at the office
  •        Access to Toy Lending Library during the day/evening
  •        Educational Resource Lending Library
  •        Picture Resource Files
  •        Parent Resources and Education Materials
  •        Accreditation Funding based on Education Level
  •        Program planning meetings if requested
  •        Advertise, locate and enrol children for your program
  •        New Client Screening/ Intake completed
  •        Guest Speakers and  training at the agency monthly
  •        Membership to the Centre of Excellence in the Family Centre
  •        We complete all contracts, enrolment paperwork, and collect fees from families

Please contact us through our website, at, or by phone @ 403-942-1129

FAQ's ...

Who Is a Family Day Home Educator?

A Family Day Home Educator is a warm, mature individual who opens her home to care for infants, toddlers, preschool and school-aged children while their parents work or attend school.  A Family Day Home Educator is self-employed and operates under contract with a Family Day Home Agency, who in turn contracts with Region 4, Central Alberta Child & Family Services.

What Is A Family Day Home?
A Family Day Home provides an early childhood education and care environment for children 0-12. Children are cared for in a safe, healthy and stimulating family environment. The Day home provides  opportunities for large and small group play, open ended activities, outdoor gross motor activity, field trips, and individual one on one attention for each child. 

How Many Children Can Be In Program?

Educators are able to care for up to six children plus their own at any given time.  These restrictions allow the Educator to meet the needs of each child.

How Do I Get Remunerated?

The Agency pays educators on the 1st and 15th of each month for care provided the previous month.

How Does the Agency Support Continuous Education?

The agency has created a continuous learning program for all the educators who are part of our team. The educator meetings hosted at the agency every month offer workshops and education to extend knowledge in many areas of the Early Learning field, including programming. We organize guest speakers to present information to our team about many pertinent areas that may include working with exceptional children, preschool programming, play based learning, Speech language development, Healthy menu planning, emergency situations, Reggio Emilia Philosophy, Emergent curriculum, business practices, Literature with young children, Observing and Documenting learning.  Educator meetings are also used as a time to build support networks within the agency.