Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Child Care Services


Becoming a day home educator:

1. Fill out Application to Become an Approved Contracted Educator  or submit resume;  

2. Pending the information on the submitted form  / resume, the agency will contact you to review Day Home Standards and requirements, and set up an interview;

3.  3 non related references, two previous work reference are to be included (form available from the agency);

4.  Copies of your Certificates, Diplomas or Degrees;

5. Obtain a doctor's note stating you are able to care for children in your home as a day home educator (form available from the agency);

6. Obtain a Criminal Record Check including Vulnerable Sector (RCMP in rural areas) and Child Welfare Check for yourself, as well as anyone over the age of 18 who resides with you, or who will regularly be in your home when the day home program is operating;

7. First (initial) & Second home visit with Little Bear Dayhome Agency Staff - All persons that live in the home will need to be present. Interview will be conducted at, or prior to the visit;

8. Obtain appropriate insurance.  Liability insurance is available when contracted. If you are transporting you will need to obtain this through your existing auto insurance broker (two (2) million for  Transporting in a vehicle);

9. First aid (level C or child care first aid preferred);

 Little Warriors Sexual Abuse Prevention Training. Exceptions to this time frame will be granted if classes are unavailable. Please go online to;

Level 1 certificate within first 6 months of your contract (the agency will assist with this if requested). Or Enroll in the distance learning ECE program through Lethbridge College or another Post Secondary Institute to obtain required Early Learning Knowledge.

Little Bear Dayhome Agency is always looking for qualified child care educators!

Our educators are self employed individuals supported by Little Bear Dayhome Agency.  

The agency is responsible for contracts, fee collection, placement and enrolling of children,  as well as many other business related duties. 

As an educator, you are able to choose what children you accept into your day home. Little Bear Dayhome Agency will assist in setting up interviews with parents currently looking for care in our community. 

As an educator, you are responsible for implementing a quality play based program that is fun and meaningful. Little Bear Dayhome Agency provides all forms, assists with schedules, and supports you in many areas that are necessary to smoothly run your own business.

You are able to play with the children, teach, and provide excellent care - without worrying about all the extra administration work that normally comes with it.


Little Bear Day Home Agency will collect the fees and pay you for your valuable work.  We offer an orientation process that will assist you in learning valuable information about being a day home educator.  You are never on your own, we are there to answer questions, offer advice, and support you in whatever way that you need.

Little Bear will also help you in ensuring that your home meets all government safety standards. Quality care for children is the primary objective, and that is why we assist wherever possible. 

This will be your business. You are able to enjoy staying in the comfort of your own home, be your own boss, set your own hours and holidays,  continue to look after your own children, and make good money. Since you are self employed, you are also able to take advantage of all of the tax deductions available.  

We value your contribution and look forward to discussing this opportunity in detail with you!

If you think that a rewarding career in child care may be the right fit for you, please contact us today!