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Hi! My name is Melissa and I have been running a day home for over eight years. I am located in the beautiful town of Coaldale.

One of the benefits of living in a small town is that we are within walking distance to schools, playgrounds, the spray park, the public library, and Main Street (where we love to see the post office, fire hall, and grocery store). I welcome all families. I am an individual who admires the principles of respect, integrity, loving all people, and having a growth mindset. I believe that one of the best methods to teach these principles is by striving to live them myself. For example, I am currently pushing myself to grow by studying Spanish and American Sign Language. I welcome and invite the children to learn along side me through speaking and signing words together. It has been such a beautiful process that has allowed us to learn more about the world around us and strengthen our own bonds with each other.
My goal is to provide an enriching environment to support children’s social, intellectual, emotional, and physical growth. I believe that young children learn best through hands-on experience through play; so I continually strive to provide opportunities and mediums that allow children to explore, challenge themselves, stimulate curiosity, and have fun!


New Dayhome in Nobleford!!

Pictures coming soon!!