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Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Child Care Services

Supporting Families

Supporting Families and Providers

-Agency and Provider work as a team to support our families and their individual needs

-Monitored Provider Interactions

- Play Based Philosophy congruent with ECE best practices and principles

-Monitored Environments and Space

- In home/ Out of home back up care when available

- Heavily Screened Applicants

- Agency and Providers Follow Ministry Standards

- Agency and Providers follow Accreditation Standards

- Opportunities for families and providers to discuss child's progress in the day home

- Regular Monthly Safety Checks

-Encourages regular family involvement in programs

- Regular monthly program planning

-Daily outside play experiences

- Contact with the Agency to follow up on child care services and policies

- Parent Newsletters covering everything from healthy eating to growth and development of the brain

- Support Services online

- Community Resources in office and online

-ASQ 3 Development Screening 

- Open Door Policy for Families and Providers

- Play Based Learning Program that families can participate in

-Charting Growth and Development of Children

- Agency paid ongoing Professional Development Opportunities for Providers so that children are benefiting from educated caregivers

- Monthly Provider Meetings with Guest Speakers for Parents and Providers

- Semiannual Parent Appreciation Events

-Semiannual Provider Appreciation Events

- Parenting Resources (email, textbook, businesses, handouts, newsletters, phone calls etc)

- Initial Child Intake/ Interviewing Process

- Meet Our Team and Available Spaces display

- Individual Training Plan for Providers

- Unscheduled Home and Safety Inspections

- Video Reflections where providers review interactions with children and reflect on

Improvements or strong skills they possess

-Learning Materials, Toy, and Equipment Lending Library

 -Families invited to complete the Agency Survey's on how we are doing and what we need improvement on

- Learning Material drop off and pick up

 - At home play activities/resources for parents to utilize

- Developmental Birthday Party Check Up Referrals to Family Center

- Conflict Resolution for both parties

- Agency handles all administration

- Parent resource lending library- take home a back pack

- Dependable, Kind, Approachable Agency staff