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Little Bear Dayhome Agency

Play. Learn. Grow.

Our Services

Family Childcare

Little Bear Dayhome Agency is a licensed family childcare agency based in Lethbridge, Alberta. We work with families and educators to provide high-quality childcare services that meet the standards set by the government of Alberta. Our family childcare program provides a safe, nurturing, and educational environment for children to learn and grow. 

Rates & Fees

Monthly childcare cost is based on planned service hours. A one time non-refundable enrolment fee is charged upon child enrolment.  Educators may choose to accept children full time, part time, or a combination of both. Educator rates and hours vary, are declared on Educator Rate Declaration / Hours of Operation Declaration and are signed by parents upon enrolment. Please note that overtime rates apply for early drop off, late pick up, or using over contracted hours. The agency collects a deposit amount (refundable as long as appropriate notice is given, and all subsidies are received).


Manipulatives, Blocks, Music, Literature areas, and outdoor play, Art and Dramatic play, Sand/ Water, Cooking, Math, and Science  are just a few of the fun daily activities your child will engage in at their Little Bear contracted day home!  Each day includes child-centered activities that are planned and organized by the educator, indoor and outdoor activities, group and individual play, and active and quiet periods.



We understand that childcare can be expensive, which is why  we can help you determine your eligibility for government subsidies that can help offset the cost of childcare. The Agency extends a credit for all anticipated subsidies, however, Parents are responsible for the entire childcare fee if a portion is not paid for any reason.

Government affordability grants  change multiple times as children age, ending when children enter grade 1. Subsidy is a separate program that must be applied for by parents. Parent portions are adjusted if subsidy or grant pays less than the anticipated amount.

Click Here to see more information regarding childcare subsidy in Alberta!

Our Philosophy

Early Childhood Philosophy and Program 


Little Bear Dayhome Agency offers an Early Childhood Education Program. We believe that children learn best through hands on experiences that are based on the children's interest and current abilities. The goal of the program is to foster new skills and abilities and support healthy development in each child socially, physically, creatively, intellectually, and emotionally. We follow the constructivist learning philosophy where children are able to learn through intentional play based programming.




Program Planning


All educators are given information to assist them with program planning.  This includes Monthly (Curriculum) Planning Sheets, Child Interest Sheets as well as other pertinent paperwork. All gross motor activities that take place inside/outside will be noted on the Curriculum Map daily. Home Visitors will routinely check program plans and offer support if requested.  Forms are available online, and PDF fillable.






Little Bear educators observe and record observations. These observations can be on planned activities or spontaneous events. Observations are to record what the educator specifically sees and hears the children doing, and assist the educator in planning according to children's interests, evidence learning and development. Observations can be recorded on Anecdotal Observation forms, on daily log sheets, or shared as learning stories.  Pictures to go along with the observations are encouraged.


Learning/Play Centers


Little Bear educators must set up play areas during operating hours.  Children should have a minimum of sixty (60) minutes of physical activity each day. If weather is not permitting, plan an inside gross motor activity.

What Our Families Say

"Little Bear Dayhome Agency has been a lifesaver for our family. The care and attention that our child receives has exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Little Bear Dayhome Agency to anyone looking for quality childcare services."

Emily's Family

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