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Little Bear Dayhome Agency is licensed by the government of Alberta to provide family childcare services to Lethbridge and surrounding area. We recruit, approve, and contract family day home educators who are able to meet ministry standards, acting as a liaison between the parents and educators.

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  • What is the deposit?
    A deposit is collected from all families. The Agency extends families a credit for all subsidized and grant portions of your childcare fee. The deposit is collected to cover any shortfalls in these areas, or to provide Educators with some income if a family fails to give appropriate notice.
  • What are Hours of Operation?
    Each Educator sets their own Hours of Operation. This form contains daily planned hours of operation, closure dates, and included holidays. Your monthly rate includes care within the time frame as outlined on this sheet. The Agency provides the form, and sends Hours of Operation for the specific Educator to all enrolling families.
  • What is an enrolment fee?
    An enrolment or registration fee covers the cost of enrolling your child in the program. In Alberta, Childcare Agencies and the programs we approve and monitor require very specific enrolment paperwork. This fee pays for the time, creation and materials involved in the process.
  • What if my Educator closes suddenly, and I'm unable to access back up care?
    Educators are always striving to provide consistent care for your child. When unexpected situations arise such as Educator illness or emergency, we understand this adds to the pressure of parents. If back up care is available in one of our day homes, we will offer the option to parents to apply for a refund. Please note, funds can only be requested due to unexpected Educator absence, not child absence. Our refund request form is available from the agency.
  • What makes up the childcare fee? Why are parent portions often less?
    Childcare fees are set by Educators and are comprised of both Educator and Agency portions. Rates must fit within the approved Schedule A amounts as outlined with the Province of Alberta. The Parent Portion is what remains after subsidies and grants are applied. The Agency administers, extends credit, and claims for grants & subsidies, however, Agencies do not play any part in approving, maintaining, or applying for them . Please note that subsidies or grants are not guaranteed, and parents are responsible for the entire childcare fee if they are not received.
  • How much notice do I have to give to end care?
    Childcare fees are paid monthly. In order to achieve the full month notice required, parents must give termination notice in writing on or before the first of the month to which it applies. Failure to do so will result in the loss of parent paid deposits. Educators depend on the income from parent paid fees and need time to locate new children. The childcare contract outlines the termination procedure for all families.
  • Why is there only Full or Part Time Care options?
    Parents pay for access to a space based on their contracted hours combined with Educator availability. Educators are only able to accept the correct ratios of children into their program, and depend on the childcare fee to create their income for the month. Due to the realities of life (illness, vacation, special events) actual hours used may differ month-to-month; contracted rates still apply.
  • Where can I find my Rate?
    Educators set childcare rates based on approved Schedule A amounts. Rate Declarations are created that are inclusive of all monthly childcare fees for both the Program Educator and Agency portion. The Agency sends the Rate Declaration to parents with enrolment paperwork. The Childcare Contract will list this same rate amount as the childcare rate. A payments page will outline the projected parent portion if government grant and subsidies are received.
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