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About Us

About Us

At Little Bear Dayhome Agency, we believe that all children learn through play. The needs of the children always come first, and as such quality programs, including structured activities and open activities allowing children to pick and choose, are created according to children’s interests, needs and abilities.

We believe that parents want to make a difference in the lives of their children, and that children, parents, educators, volunteers, government, and service providers can work in partnership to develop effective and sustainable programs. We believe in the value of community development: partnership, capacity building, resiliency, community ownership and sustainability, community-based programming, trust building, patience, communication, and flexibility and that we can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Quality services should be diverse and flexible.  This is why we welcome children from all backgrounds.  We celebrate and accept cultural and religious differences. 

Our contractors and outside educational supports are our greatest resource. Our providers act as role models and assist children with conflict resolution, behaviour modification, and learning  life skills.  We believe in preventing possible problems and conflicts by planning environments that are stimulating, and having trained providers to guide children positively.

Our philosophy: Children and families flourish in supportive environments where children are encouraged to grow physically, socially, emotionally, creatively and intellectually.